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From Korea to India with Love

NAMAS-K was born to celebrate the Korean wave in India and to usher in a new era of genuine engagement between the two countries in the cultural space. We want to celebrate this fandom and engage both Koreans and Indians to collaborate in a creative space as a hub where both cultures will discover they share far more similarities than differences.

Our concept for NAMAS-K came from our observation that we are now shifting from an era of aggregation of content to curation of content. We have long recognized that people gravitate to what they love most. These communities want to share interests, debate, argue, vote, and create but ultimately, they want to bond together to collect, mix, mash-up and reinvent their own version of their passion.

In India, we have built an eco-system of media companies, content creators, technology and data partners who would never have discovered synergies in promoting the Korean wave if we had not brought them together.

In Korea, we have been working with another extensive network of
entertainment companies who helped build the Korean wave including ZanyBros, the most successful and creative music video producers in East Asia.